Springfield centre, Delvin road, mullingar, Westmeath, N91NP30, Ireland
Describe the purpose and aim(s) of the organisation/voluntary group

Our rehabilitative training empowers individuals with a variety of physical, sensory and neurological challenges to explore their community and find out where their strengths are.

Learners most commonly worked with:
People with disabilities
Programmes/Courses Offered
Community engagement programmes (personal development programmes through creative, social or manual activities eg. flower arranging)
Health and wellbeing programmes
Additional Programmes/Courses (not listed)
relaxation and arts
Level of courses you offer
Accredited levels 1 - 3
Types of wraparound support provided
Information and guidance services
Mental health supports (e.g. counselling, or mental health awareness activities, support groups, resource, etc.)
Approximate number of learners engaged with annually
0 - 50