City of Dublin ETB Adult Education Centre, Barry Road, Finglas West, Dublin, D11 CDR9, Ireland
Describe the purpose and aim(s) of the organisation/voluntary group

The City of Dublin ETB Adult Education Service is a city wide service structured into five geographical, or regional, areas. Its remit is to provide basic education programmes and guidance to adults who are returning to education. Approximately 10,000 learners per year attend one or more of the range of educational programmes available from the Adult Education Service.

Learners can avail of accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities and, due to our model of continuous intake, can join a programme throughout the academic year. The Adult Education Service also provides free, impartial and confidential educational information and guidance to adults on these programmes, as well as to adults living in the regional areas, who are exploring their educational opportunities.

Learners most commonly worked with:
Lone parents
Members of Traveller communities
Members of ROMA communities
Older learners
People and/or their families living with addiction/in recovery
People experiencing homelessness
People living in areas of high unemployment and deprivation
People who are unemployed
People who left school early
People with disabilities
People with experience of the prison system
People with literacy difficulties
People with mental health challenges
Refugees and/or people seeking international protection
Women returning to the workplace
Programmes/Courses Offered
Civic & democratic engagement (eg. voting rights & awareness, legal rights courses)
Community engagement programmes (personal development programmes through creative, social or manual activities eg. flower arranging)
Computer skills
Employment skills
Health and wellbeing programmes
Parenting programmes
Additional Programmes/Courses (not listed)
The Adult Education Service has a team of over 250 tutors working across the range of programme spheres. The highly qualified tutor team have expertise in a range of programme and subject areas including literacy, maths and numeracy, English language.
Level of courses you offer
Accredited levels 4 - 5
Types of wraparound support provided
Information and guidance services
Resources (digital library, lending schemes, books)
Approximate number of learners engaged with annually